Brahma Sree Ashram, Sweden

The Ashram hosts regular retreats, programmes, meditations and studies based on the teachings of Dhyan Vimal. Master is based at the Ashram for 3-6 months a year. During his stay, he conducts retreats and programmes for advanced students on the science that governs human growth and awakening. The facilities at the Ashram include a meditation space, a temple and accommodation for students participating in the programmes.

Frötuna Gård, Frötunavägen 1, 197 93 Bro, Sweden

Brahma Sree Centre, Malaysia

The centre hosts regular poojas, homas, meditations and programmes. Master is based in Malaysia for 3 - 6 months a year, where he conducts siddhi training. Master also spends his time here deciphering the wisdom and secrets behind the ancient rites and bringing it to the new. Students from around the world are welcome to participate in the homas and other poojas that are organised all year round.

No 28-2 Jalan PJU 5/15, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
+603 6157 7746

Dhyana Centres

The Dhyana Centres are a learning space which share introductory programmes, meditations and studies for those exploring this work. The centres also host facilitators from the Dhyan Vimal Institute for Higher learning who offer specialised workshops and programmes throughout the year.

1139-A West 14th St, North Vancouver, British Columbia

Heidebrinkerstrasse 1, 13357 Berlin, Germany

Worldwide Organisers
North East, USA

Arshana Divya

Arizona, USA

Wendy Wells

Toronto, Canada

Ajna Samadhi

Brisbane, Australia

Aravind Nair

Calgary, Canada

Joann Gaudreau

Whistler, Canada

Astrid Cameron Kent

Zurich, Switzerland

Roger Zimmerman

Melbourne, Australia

Dinesh Chandran