Invitation to MASTERCLASS
30 August 2018
To all the disciples, and the Masterclass students remember this, this is not a mainstream teaching, this is pioneering, I hope you give me some leeway to express freely, because this is new. If you want to hear what the other Masters have said, you may be lost. What I am saying has not been said, not the way I am saying. So remember you are the group that I am revealing this and if you found your way to the Masterclass, somehow existence has chosen you; not me, not you, somehow it has come to pass, it is just there, it is just one of those things, we just did it. It is the work of existence, not mine, I am just doing my part.
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Invitation to MASTERCLASS
30 August 2018
What you get when you subscribe to MASTERCLASS
When you subscribe to MASTERCLASS, we know you are making a commitment that you are serious about working on yourself. Master has created this system so that the following areas are exclusively available to those who are putting in the effort to hold themselves on this path, every day.
The Four Sadhanas are the first programmes which are only for MASTERCLASS students. The lessons in these programmes are released once a week and you will be under the guidance of Master directly.
Latest Talks

Wherever Master is in the world and if he is speaking; the talks which are recorded will be uploaded to the Masterclass library as soon as possible, normally by the very next day. The latest ten talks are also updated on the Dhyan Vimal Online Meditation App.
Huge Body of Talks

MASTERCLASS was established in 2014, and as such there is a huge library of audio and video talks. We are also constantly working on the archives and bringing out lectures to the library which were not released to the public before.
You sign up to walk with me, as I participate with you, you participate with this. It is not a teaching I am putting down, it is my life I am living. And you being part of it, you live that enlightenment too.
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The Four Sadhanas is a programme exclusively for the MASTERCLASS subscriber. Four Sadhanas takes you from the basic to the intermediate to the advanced levels. Master Dhyan Vimal puts down the stages you need to pass through for the highest possibility to come to be. You will begin with Sadhana One which will take 20 weeks to complete. One lesson will be made available each week from the day you begin.
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