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Sunday, 3rd December 2017
6.45pm (Degree of Initiation)
Brahmasree Centre, Malaysia (via Skype at Brahmasree Ashram & Dhyana Centres)

Dattatreya Jayanthi Pooja will be celebrated at Brahmasree Centre Temple in Malaysia and all are welcome to participate. The significance of this auspicious day, the prayers and the blessings were spoken by Agastiyar Siddhar in a leaf reading.

Excerpts of The Leaf Reading about Dattareya Jayanthi Pooja - 4
th November 2017

Perumai niraintha aasanaam ahilam thannil perum aatral kondathoru dattatreyar avatharamay
Athanaalay avar jayanthi naalum thannil …
Uyarvaaga vizha athuvum  dattatreyar thanakku
In this earth, the glory filled Guru is the avatar of the immensely powerful Lord Dattatreya. As such on His birth day (jayanthi day)… a festival of great heights for Lord Dattatreya is to be  
Vanaggidavay yogam thaan yogam thaan
In worshipping yogam it is, yogam it is
Yodhitte/yuvathitta poosai vizha thanil kalappor yogiyamaai guru thatchanai muraiyay yehnthu
At this pooja festival, those who attend should rightfully and in quorum make an offering of money (Guru Thakshanai)  
Arul niraintha vizha athuvilay aasi vaaku undu
In this grace-filled festival, there will be a leaf-reading of blessings (aasi vaaku)
Magattaana nilai thannilay aasan iruppaan
The Guru will be in a majestic state (on the day)
Atputhanggal maanthar avar yaavarum thaan anumaara petriduvaar ulagam thannil
All the people will without any flaw receive miracles in this world
Nalamaana inbanggal pala vithattum nalla padi irukkuthu
Good joy of many forms will be there nicely  
Athatku yenggal aasiyum karunaiyum nirainthu
For that our blessings and mercy is filled
Yugam thannil maatranggal ithu pondre vizha vaal irunthu varum nanmaigalum pala vithatthum
In this aeon through festivals like this many forms of goodness will be
Uttamamai yoganggal palathumirukku
Eminent yogams are plentiful
Uyarntha uyarntha nilai athuvum sanggathitku
Higher and higher states there are for the sanggha
Divviya nilai palathum pala vithatthum theerkamaai irukkuthaan datatreyar aasi kudi mutre
Many divine states of many forms will be for certain by Lord Dattatreya’s blessings.

Tava Nool (Avadhuta Gita Book)
Please let us know if you are interested to receive the Avadhuta Gita so necessary arrangements can be made in advance.

Dattatreya Gayatri Mantras

Aum Dattatreya vidmahe
Atri putraaya theemahi
Thanno Datta Prajohthayaath

Aum Dattatreya vidmahe
Avdootaya theemahi
Thanno Datta Prajohthayaath

Aum Dattatreya vidmahe
Thigambaraaya theemahi
Thanno Datta Prajohthayaath

Registration & Contact
The participation fee is RM150 per person/per family (RM120 person/per family for Members). Names of individual family members are not required. Each participant will receive pooja prasadam (blessing items) as instructed in the leaf. As there is limited stock, early confirmation by 25th Nov 2015 is advised.

For participants outside Malaysia, the local Organiser will be your contact point to register and make all the payments. 

For participants from Malaysia and other locations where there is no Dhyana Centre, please contact Vimala Achalam at +6 012 391 2797 or gkvimala@gmail.com to register or for more information.

All payments should be remitted to:

A/c Name:                
Society For The Teachings Of Dhyan Vimal, Malaysia

A/c Holder’s Add:    
No 28-3, Jalan PJU 5/15, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya (city), Selangor (state), MALAYSIA (country), 47810 (postcode)

Telephone: +603 6157 7746

Bank Name: Hong Leong Bank Berhad 

Bank Address:        
Unit A-G-10 & A-01-11, No 21 Jalan 26/7A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur (city), Wilayah Persekutuan (State), MALAYSIA (country), 50480 (postcode)

Swift Code: HLBBMYKL
Bank Tel: +603 6201 3749
Acct No: 277 000 197 03 

* If you require any additional banking information, please write to: shamini@dhyanvimal.org. Kindly email the remittance slips to the same email.
*Payment is deemed valid only upon remittance into STDVM’s account.

Thank you.


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