“It has been my delight to come to this discovery and this study is one of the greatest gifts I can offer to anyone. The mission is that you come to the best of you and when this best is there, it’s offered to all of humanity as one’s love and one’s true giving.” Dhyan Vimal

The foundation of the 18 Rites is the base of one’s unfoldment. It is the path in which the best of you can come alive, where all that one can be will come to be.

Up to now for most people, mostly life has been an unconscious happening and much errors have happened by this. The 18 Rites is a map of your unfoldment put down by Master Dhyan Vimal which gives you a chance to consciously participate in what is there and how it will unfold; a process of discovery not invention.

The 18 Rites has lessons, disciplines and meditations which you can embody and live out. It is the most basic of learning which holds the deepest unfoldment possible. For anyone whose heart has come to the point that you are ready to embrace the more of you, this is the path for you.

“There are three levels of teaching and the fourth is unteachable. Three levels of teaching. First is Creation; that I can hold, acharam, holding. The Second is the real Meditation, is the participation in the transcending of the ‘I.’ The Third is Omkara and that is beyond … and it ends with Aham Brahmasmi. It’s almost; ‘I am That’ but the ‘I’ is still there. The Fourth is the stages of Enlightenment. In the Fourth; ‘That is me,’ and that’s a whole other journey and that sutra will never be written. It cannot be written, it’s not possible. But the first three can be.

In the First, everything is included – you, your world – everything is included. Second, only you. Third, you and That. Fourth, only That. And my attempt is to put it down as scientifically, mathematically and accurately as possible, I want to put it down because when you put it as a metaphor, the interpretation goes.” Dhyan Vimal

Almost 76 video lectures and an additional 80 audio lectures as well as study topics, and instructions for meditations.

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